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how to: Keep your hair nice after the gym, without a wash

Lets be honest here. Raise your hand if you've missed the gym to save a good hair day. I can 100% say I have done this. But is that really the best decision for me? Probably not. Ditching plans due to sweaty gym hair, isn't a fun decision to make either. So for me that all changed a couple weeks back when I was lazy and looking for ways to get by after a sweaty gym sesh. Read on to see how you can stay fresh after the gym too!

Before You Hit The Gym.
Dry Shampoo. 

I know what you're thinking "obviously dry shampoo" that stuff can be life changing. But hold on. Most people use dry shampoo to soak up the oils already in their hair. You know, like day 3 or 4 hair unwashed. Well this time I want you to catch it before it starts! That's right, dry shampoo BEFORE the gym. Like stretching and drinking enough water, dry shampoo should be just as important to your pre workout routine,  if you cant wash your hair after. By applying it prior to your workout the sweat shoul…

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