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Did you know you could do this?!

If you're like me, you easily forget about hacks. I get so excited when I see them, so amazed by them, and then I just forget all about them. I cant tell you how many pins I have on Pinterest about hacks, that I just accumulate over time, and never go back to. As this crossed my mind today, I decided to remanence on some hacks that stayed a bit hazy in my memory. I'm hoping this approach helps stick in your head  little deeper than a Pinterest post.
Lets get right to it. 

Hack # 1 Want that thick, creamy liner, but you're no good with the gels or liquid lines? Use the good old lighter and stick eye liner trick. That's right gently heat up the tip of your eye liners, not to the point of melting, just to the point of softening. Keep the lighter a good distance away (about an inch) and slowly work our way close with the eye liner to find the right temperature. Be sure to give the liner a second or two before you go at your eye with it.

Hack # 2 Pore feeling like that'…

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