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What can we expect out of 2019

Who's to really say. But I'll take a whack at it.
We closed 2018 just last week, per usual I will probably still be writing 2018 until April or May.. There has been years where I went longer.. Aside from me and my failure to adjust to the new years easily. Today I bring up, what can we expect to see more in 2019. The current trend has been the Balayage/ Ombre, I feel like that look stayed for sometime. I am surprised honestly. I shouldn't say surprised; I just at the start the technique was not the best (youtube didn't even have anything good when this style came about) luckily the techniques have been tweaked over the years giving us so many different way to give you a beautiful natural look.
Which leads me into my first assumption of what we will see in 2019.

NATURAL. I feel a lot of people are going to transition this year to their natural hair. a Balayage technique makes it so easy to grow out your natural hair, since that was such a huge hit in 2017-2018 seems ea…

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