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10 Reasons to prebook!

Lets talk pre-booking. Something most of you think is really just to get you another appointment in a few weeks.  But really its so much more than that.
Why? Here's why. 

1. You are worry free about your next appointment, it's set and in the books.

2. You get the best options when it comes to picking your appointment.

3. Maintaining your look. 
If you're a brunette trying to be a blonde, keeping up on your appointments is crucial to maintaining that blonde image.

4. Split ends.
 They don't just stay at the ends, if split ends start and don't get handle soon they split all the way up the hair shaft. Causing those stubborn fly-aways.

5. Heat zone. 
Whats a heat zone? A heat zone is he area an inch away from your scalp. Heat makes product work faster and more intense. Which means, if you are a blonde, and you come in with about 2 inches of regrowth and we are lightening your roots, that first inch of hair near the scalp, will lift good, and fast, while the second inch may not ke…

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