Lash Lift & Tint

What exactly is a lash lift and tint?
Who is it for?  Why do we love it ?
And what NOT to do.

First off lash lifts actually are not a new thing. It really been a thing for about a decade now at least, they used to call them lash perms. Now you see why they were not so popular then, that personally does not sound appetizing to me.

Who is lash lifts for? Lash Lifts are really for anyone who has strong enough lashes to handle a lift. If you question if your lashes are strong enough, be sure to set up a consultation prior to your appointment. If you have short lashes (if they are too short to attach onto a form, unfortunately they maybe too short for the service) and need some bend, or long lashes and they stick straight out lash lifts maybe just for you. I will explain the actual process below to give you a better insight on what you do as a client.

Who could benefit from a lash tint? Personally I say ANYONE can benefit from a lash tint. From our blonde lash clients to our clients with the dark lashes yet clear ends to the lashes. The tint really emphases the lift when done together.

We love lash lifts and tints because we love natural beauty and believe everyone has it. We love being able to enhance something you already have without added or removing. The maintenance on this service is sooo doable too ! You  can so handle a 6 week appointment to stay on top of your lash game cant you?

Alright lets get into what you can expect when your go to your appointment.

A lash lift is a an appointment that will last less than 30 minutes with a tint, no more than 45 minutes. It is suggested to show up with no eye make up on.

You will either have your appointment laying down in a spa room or in some cases maybe done at the sink bowl with a neck pillow.

All you do for this service is relax and maybe take a cat nap if you need one.

The lash artist will start by sizing your lashes with which shape form will be used.
Sizing ranging from Small to XL.

Some artist may use eye pads to isolate your lower lashes to keep them out of the way for the perming. If not they will use a small amount of glue to get the silicon form to stay placed on your eye lid. Slight pressure is needed for a few seconds to make sure the form stays attached.
With the same glue, a strip will go along the rod.
From there your artist will gently brush your lashed up onto the form with the adhesive until they all hold form.

You are still just relaxing at this point, so just keep thinking about the beach and nice vacations.

Your artist will apply the forming solution. You will know when this time comes because you will smell it (yes it smells like a dulled down version of a hair perm). This solution will stay on your eyes for about 8-10 minutes depending on your lashes.
That solution will be wiped off and the next solution added will stay on for 5 minutes.

If you're getting just a Lift. That's it! You're done.

As one of the lash artists myself. I always suggest to get the tint, it really makes a world of difference. Personally the tips of my eye lashes are translucent and so fine when I put on mascara it doesn't even get on the tips of them. So the tint is truly worth it while you're in there.

When your lift service if done, your artist may keep your forms on your eyes or remove them.

You're still chilling, enjoying the relaxation away from work, husbands, kids, animals etc.

From there comes the tint which will stay on for about 10 minutes.
Its really that simple.

After the tint processes, the remainder will be removed and guess what, you're done!
You are officially  Lift and Tinted!

What NOT To DO after your lash appointment 

Do not wet your lashes for 24 hours
No saunas for 48 hours.
Do not touch lashes after service for at least 24 hours.
No waterproof mascara
Oil based products or removes with ruin lift
No eye make up for 24 hours (you can do it).

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