Lets Talk Loma

Oh how I was nervous to get this product line in the salon. Especially when the boss took away our Moroccan oil line. The whole salon was saddened. She described to us, this was our most affordable line for our guests. You can see why we were nervous. BUT HOLY COW IS LOMA AMAZING !!

You guys. 
If you ever feel you cannot afford product yet you want beautiful hair. 
This Loma line is for YOU. 
If you have a whole dump trunk full of $100 bills, this Loma line is for YOU. 

I could truly go on for hours about the benefits of these products but today I'm just going to describe a few to you. Ill dive into more Loma products at a later time, don't you worry. 

Over all the line as a whole is Sulfate, Paraben, Sodium Chloride, Soy and Gluten Free! They absolutely do not test on animals and vegan friendly !

What else is on top of our LOVE list with loma!?
 Majority of their products has the first ingredient is Aloe Vera 
(which we all know the first ingredient is what the product contains most of). 

Benefits to Aloe Vera alone include but not limited too, containing contents like vitamins , amino acids, minerals, fatty acids. Aloe = moisture. Goodbye dryness (even dry scalp). That being said some say it even helps with , SD (Seborrheic dermatitis) which is a skin disease that causes red rashes, flaky/crusty, yellowish scales on the skin or scalp. 

So lets chat about 3 of our most popular Loma products in the salon.

Smoothing  Crème 

Loma's smoothing crème truly is something almost everyone (I said almost) needs at home! If you have issues with frizz and fly aways or dull faded hair, you'll love this product. This smoothing crème consists of aloe, castor oil and creatine. This product screams "SHINE!" all over it. That being said along with all the shine this product has a light hold to it as well. Which means that frizz you're dealing with, will smooth right down and stay down. The word on the street was, this product can keep your hair smooth for 3 whole days. Did we trust the word on the street, no so we tested it for ourselves, and guess what, truth be told, shine held up! While your are enjoying the aromatherapy of pear through your hair, you can rub this product all over your body as the moisturizing properties will help your dry skin (especially for us Mainers' here in the fall/winter months). 

Fortifying Repairative Tonic

If you color your hair. 
You should probably have this on your counter. 
Not only is this product amazing for adding into your color to get deeper reds and extra gray coverage but using it as a day to day product will only benefit your color. This tonic will always bring the shine but what you don't see, is that this tonic is loaded with jojoba seed oil, olive oil, Tocopherol and Creatine. With these ingredients, this product in like your shield for color. Used daily it will help strengthen your hair while fighting color fadeage. This is a very common final tough for my color clients. Sometimes I can add a pump into my color mixture and a pump at the end to lock it all in with some shine! (No one has said its great on the skin, but have you even put baby oil on your legs and see how fabulous they look? try this ;) ) 

Forming Paste 

Hey men, where you at ?!
        I have the product you have been waiting for. Something with a mild mango, orange scent made subtle enough for a man (or woman). This forming paste is a clay based paste, which means it has incredible hold yet pliable. You wont have a glossy finish with this clay, but matte is exactly what you're looking for isn't it? You can use this product on damp or dry hair. A "medium" size amount in suggested. Personally, I am a fan of applying a "medium" amount to damp  hair, styling with blow dryer for expert finish, then use a pea size amount (if needed, sometimes its not) for your final tweaks. Need help on finding the perfect style for you? Come visit us at TBB and we'll set you right up with a fresh do and fresh product! (Ladies, lets be honest, who's really reading this? Get your man, your dad, your brother or son, some product so they are looking fresh for the holiday and new year to come!)


This is 3 of the 25 products we are working with. 
So believe me when I tell you, more is to come! 

You can find these products at The Beauty Bar in Auburn, Maine.

or you can order them on our website !  Just Click Here!


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