10 tips for the holidays

10 Tips for the Holidays

That time has come and almost passed. Its the season of a ton of gatherings for work, family and friends, gifts, stress and special occasions. I have a few tips to help your holiday plans go smoothly. 10 to be exact.

Number 1: Pick your outfit out the week prior. (chances are you wont wear that but you're more likely to only change once after that)

Number 2: Book your hair appointment 2 months out at least. pro tip, the night of an event is perfect if you have a great stylist! Heck maybe she can do your makeup too!

Number 3: If you're not seeing a dope stylist the same day,, wash your hair the day PRIOR to the event night and let it air dry. (I know that sounds scary to some!) but your hair will style so nicely.

Number 4: Don't do your makeup during the day, a fresh face in the PM will give you the best results with your make up. Primer, primer, primer. 

Number 5: Have a small snack before the event, no one likes the person eating all the bacon wrapped scallops or coconut shrimp. (Yes you shelly, we see YOU). 

Number 6: If you're a host, I suggest you set yourself up with a full spa day. Honey you deserve it. From napkins to a 4 course meal, you need that spa day. Little mani/pedi maybe toss in a massage or facial? Just call The Beauty Bar we'll set you right up. ;)

Number 7
: Shopping Tip: Amazon Prime.

Number 8: Tights can instantly change an outfit from trashy to classy. REMEMBER THAT. Tights matter.

Number 9: Try to get your naps in! Tired shows! Do you ever take it as a compliment when someone says "you look tired"? Doubtful, so don't put yourself in that situation.

Last but certainly not least..

Number 10: Be prepared. Nothing is more stressful than running around doing last minute things before you have things to really be doing. And its rare to look stunning while stressed, wouldn't you agree? 

Hope these tips get you by through this holiday season while feeling your best and looking your best.

 Good Luck, have fun and Happy holidays !


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