Miracle Hair Treatment

I know I talked about some amazing products before, 
and believe me when I tell you I have more to come. 
And today is no different! 

Today I welcome you, 
Miracle Hair Treatment by Eleven Australia !

This beautiful baby hold 11 benefits to you hair!
You guys, this product speaks for itself.

I recommend this product to nearly if not every single client. This is the BEST foundation you could put into your hair for any style, and sometimes it can be the only product you need.

Here is why you may want to consider some Miracle hair treatment on your counter,

1. You want shine and smoothness? Great this product does that!

2. You want to protect your hair color from UVA and UVB rays so you don't out ? Of course you do. 

3. Have some flyaways you need to calm down? This bottle has you covered.

4. Hello Moisture!

5. Helps strengthen fragile hair

6. Prevents split ends -( This in itself is a huge benefit for me)

7. You leave this product in your hair without rinsing because its also a leave in conditioner / detangler!

8. You blow dry? You flat iron? You add any heat to your hair? Luckily this product is made to protect the hair from heat damage!

9. This product is light enough that it only enhances the natural body of the hair, without weighing it down.

10. Repairs dry / damaged hair

11. Prevents against chlorine and sun damage to your hair shaft. 

To use this product it comes as a pump. On average using about 2-4 pumps depending on amount of hair, apply to damp hair, starting mid shaft to ends then using remaining left to comb through the full head. Dry as normal and style as you desire.

As Always we love products that do not test on animals and you can pick this product up at The Beauty Bar Auburn Maine or Just click SHOP and it will take you right where you can purchase it!
If you $50 you can get free two day shipping. (Doesn't that sound familiar ;) 

you never know if a secret give away will be posted a blog ;)


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