Smoothing Brushes are LIFE!!

Are smoothing brushes really worth it?

I recently did a survey asking if people use a flat iron’s versus a smoothing brush and I was super excited to see that there was a good handful of people that actually do use a smoothing brush. Still more than half end up using a flat iron but again I was very surprised to see how many people have opened up to the smoothing brush and I’m glad they did and I’m gonna tell you why a smoothing brush maybe your best friend.

At The Beauty Bar we deal with a lot of products from Aria. 
Which if your familiar with their products you know they work amazing and they are just so beautiful!
I have dealt with many straightening brushes and I will be honest (Per usual), they are NOT all the same.
I've narrowed myself down to two favorites and the Aria brush is one of them.

This brush gets up to 450 degrees (F). 
I know people say, don't do that, we cook our turkey at 450 degrees. But lets be realistic, if your are fine, smoothing your hair, at a nice beautiful slower pace at 250-300 degrees, MORE POWER TO YOU. Some others have a hectic schedule and need to move, move, move. That being said HEAT PROTECTION PEOPLE! Always , always protect your hair from the heat. 

Now my major reason for switching over mainly to a smoothing brush is when someone said to me, what what a flat iron can really do to your hair. I'm not saying I don't use a flat iron, I do. But if I have a client looking for smooth but not pin straight hair, I go with the brush. 

With a flat iron, both sides of those metal / ceramic plates heat up.
With a smoothing brush, the "bristles" heat up. 
When using a smoothing brush, the heat glides through your hair and can escape when the heat is no longer needed. The heat isn't trapped like it can be with a flat iron.

Now why do I choose the smoothing brush over the iron? If you are a person who smooths their hair everyday with a flat iron, check the ends of your hair. You ever find a hair and almost looks bumpy? 
Or almost like little bubbles in the hair shaft? That's exactly its. Bubbles. That's from using a flat iron, 

With the flat iron, your clamping those natural oils by your new growth of hair, and dragging those oils down to the ends. Personally, I thought that actually sounded beneficial. Until it made sense that heat and oils = boiling. Those little bumps in your hair shaft got here from being boiled into your hair.
let me remind you again how IMPORTANT heat protectors are! 

We all want beautiful hair, but we need to make sure we are taking the steps to make sure we get it!

Maintain those trims.
Use heat protection.
Try the smoothing brushes over a flat iron.

I do suggest using the smoothing brush at its highest temp or just under. However if using a flat iron, I try to keep it around 300 - 350 range, with heat protection.

All hair types may call for different tools, or different temperatures so play with the canvas you are working on.

But definitely do yourself a favor, and get your hands on a smoothing brush!

You can get you're Aria brush at 
The Beauty Bar salon and spa @ 36 millet Drive, Auburn ME. 
While supplies last !!


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