Waxing 101

Soo you're a newbie to wax business eh?
Well, Welcome :)

I'm sure you heard plenty of pros and cons from friends or your own research but I am here to give you some extra insight on why waxing is the bomb diggity.

First off, you can wax anything that grows hair.
Back, legs, brows, lip, chin, bikini (or full blown Brazilian), arm pits.

First off I'll touch on one of the most common waxes, and that's the down under wax. I know I know, it can be scary! For me, the only people to get close to that business is my husband and my doctor, so I totally get the awkwardness from it. However, these waxers are professionals, they have seen as many privates as a new midwife. Yours will not phase them. Believe that. 

With a down under wax the common two ways are bikini wax and a Brazilian. The difference between the two are really basic and obvious once I tell you. A bikini wax is a wax service where you only remove the hair that would show in a bikini or underwear. A Brazilian was is removing everything from public bone to tail bone. Personally Brazilian is the way to go.

A myth about waxing is that you need to wait x amount of days or weeks before you wax or you need to grow it out to be super long. In all reality, it all depends on the growth of your hair. Yes you need to grow it, but not to a ridiculous amount, grow it until its the length of a grain of rice. See, not long at all. 

I will be 100% honest with you, and I am confident to assume ALMOST everyone feels this way if they have experienced a wax. The first wax is the more enjoyable one. Once you wax the first time, you are removing the most amount of hair compared to your future waxes. As the hair grows in you will notice its almost patchy like. That is because your hair all over your body has 3 phases, Growing, resting and shedding phase. One your remove all the hair, the phases are different per hair follicle. So it will come in patchy. That being said, for your next wax, those patches will be gone (less hair then the first time), after that watch you will notice different stragglers in different spots, that's a different phase for those follicles and etc. So my big tip to YOU if you want to do a wax, DO NOT SHAVE! Always wait for your next appointment, the second you shave, your trimming down that hair, and its about to catch up with the following phase and that just means, more hair being waxed at your next visit. 

Brow waxing, and arm pit waxing is probably the least painful of waxes in my opinion. Such small amounts of hair that its goes by quick and its bearable. Really it all is. People wouldn't do it if it was the worst pain ever. 

You can literally benefit a wax for about 5 weeks. Ladies, I know some of you who shave every other day! WHAT?! How great would it be if you could visit a person, almost 1 time a month, for 30 minutes (for Brazilian for example), and do not have to worry about a thing. You feel clean, tidy, and like a freaking rock star! <- That's now even close to a joke. A Brazilian wax will change your life.

If you have been debating it for some time now, just go for it. First time may suck (You will learn I'm very honest..) , second time sucks less, and third less, and less and less. 5 weeks YOU GUYS!! Maybe even longer if your lucky. 

WARNING THOUGH - During the near approach of your dear friend ant flow, everything does seem to be more sensitive, so if you know she is coming then maybe wait till after she leaves to get waxed. :)

Tune in to our IGTV channel on Instagram as we will be posting a video interview with our body waxer RILEY! 


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